Operations Manager - Manama

Our client is a Group of Companies Based in Bahrain and operating in various industries including construction, technology, security, business training. They are currently recruiting for a Operations Manager to be based at the offices in Manama Bahrain and also working on various construction sites.

Responsible for: 

  • Job duties involve directing infrastructure projects, defining tasks and timelines, coordinating across departments, managing budgets, and ensuring timely delivery.

Primary Objective: 

  • To apply technical expertise and project management experience to manage project teams on conventional and unconventional projects. 
  • Also performs the basic project functions of production coordination, planning, organizing, directing, controlling, financial management and marketing assistance. 
  • Functions as a mentor to technical professionals to assist in their training and development. 

Working Hours: 

  • 48 hours a week
  • You may have to work overtime during evenings, nights and weekends. 

Main Duties:

  • To be target-oriented, be fully responsible for planning and implementing strategies to achieve the target assigned by directors and the top management on efficient and timely manner basis.
  • Coordinates and participates in contract negotiations with clients and subcontractors, and drafts complex professional service agreements and addenda for review by senior management.
  • Directs project team and client compliance with contract terms and monitors subcontractors' compliance with contractual commitments.
  • Prepares project work plan, scope, schedule and budget, and communicates these to project team members; monitors/manages project production for compliance with schedule, budget and quality objectives. 
  • Monitors reports and schedules to ensure appropriate charging of man-hours, costs and expenses to projects, and to communicate project progress/status to senior management. 
  • Establishes and maintains project account files on the computerized project management information system, and periodically reviews project reports for accuracy and completeness. 
  • Monitors client billings, assists in obtaining payment from clients, and resolves client disputes, adjusting project billing records as required. 
  • Monitors sub consultants' progress and performance, reviews and approves sub consultant and vendor invoices, and resolves payment and project disputes.
  • Schedules and coordinates project meetings with the project team, regulatory agencies, the client, and others involved with the projects. 
  • Reports financial status of projects to technical managers. 
  • Identifies new business opportunities for the firm, coordinates and participates in project presentations to clients and other external groups, and promotes firm's capabilities, marketing its services among existing and prospective clients. 
  • Participates in project opportunity evaluation, consultant selection, and the preparation of firm's qualification/experience statements. 
  • May supervise technical professionals, associate project managers and design staff including workload and staffing management.
  • Performs such other duties as the supervisor may from time to time deem necessary. Identify, develop, implement and maintain methodologies and systems for the effective management of asphalt/infrastructure projects. 
  • Develop and maintain project plans. 
  • Manage Movement of the material, machines and tools needed in the project, take responsibility for overall progress and use of resources, and take corrective action if necessary.
  • Liaise with external suppliers and partners.
  • Identify and manage risks in order to maximize benefits.
  • Manage and review the quality of work and ensure that work standard are accepted.
  • Monitor and evaluate supplier prices
  • Identify and report to the Director the opportunities for partnerships for the organization.
  • Ensure that the organization’s communication requirements in relation to internal and external projects are identified, disseminated, and delivered 
  • Ensure the development, implementation and, where necessary, the amendment of budgets and organizational charts, ensuring synergies within the organization. 
  • Develop and establish tracking systems, to ensure effective planning, accurate forecasts and ongoing monitoring of project execution 
  • Identify and anticipate potential risks and problems in a timely manner and advise the Executive in the implementation of mitigation measures and solutions 
  • Implementation and Finalization
  • Facilitate the development of general plans for the implementation of programs / projects, while defining the intermediate steps required to carry out the project as a whole. 
  • Direct, supervise and supervise the development of the project.
  • Ensure close collaboration with organization leaders and support them in all project activities, including financial aspects.
  • For project completion, provide support (or supervise a representative) by defining a key point of contact between the organization and clients. 

Monitoring and Reporting:

  • Prepare and publish regular project reports in line with partner guidelines for follow-up. 
  • Regularly review the status of the project, evaluation of performance criteria (scope, cost, timing and quality).
  • Supply monitoring tools and reports as required by the organization’s procedures. 
  • Identify and anticipate potential risks and issues specific to delivery forecasts in a timely manner and advise on mitigation measures and solutions. 

Management of personnel:

  • Managed all personnel issues within the project team. 
  • Support the organization for the recruitment, integration and monitoring of staff performance.
  • Promote a positive work environment, respectful and ensure that the highest standards of conduct are respected 

Competencies related to the position:

  • Ability to work under pressure, occasionally in a very stressful environment (conflict, civil, natural hazards and humanitarian crisis). 
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain partnerships and working relationships in a multicultural environment.
  • Ability to manage, organize, plan and execute tasks in the face of competing demands, under pressure and often on tight deadlines.
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to manage a range of management and coordination issues 


  • Degree in Civil Engineering or its equivalent Experience:
  • Extensive previous experience in management of major projects. 

Specific Skills/Ability: 

  • Knowledge of civil, mechanical, electrical, structural and geological, as they relate to public works projects.
  • Knowledge of the principles and practice of Quality Control Assurance.
  • Knowledge of the modern methods, materials and equipment employed in infra, bridges or other heavy construction.
  • Knowledge of effective principle and methods utilized in inspecting major construction projects.
  • Knowledge of the laws, ordinances, roads, tracks, bridges and other public work facilities 
  • Knowledge of Asphalt recycling operations and how to get this approved and working. 


  • The salary will be based on previous skills and experience 
  • Relocation package provided

To apply:

Please send your CV to StaffMatters at admin@smstaffmatters.com and mention that you are applying for the vacancy of Operations Manager with reference number 949.
Or you can apply directly through your candidate login by hitting the APPLY button.