Development Technical Director - Limassol

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    Cyprus, Limassol

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    Competitive Salary + Provident Fund

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Our client is a group of companies providing a full range of development services for the construction industry from project development to its implementation and they are currently recruiting for a Development Technical Director  for their offices in Limassol.

Having current or previous experience as a Development Technical Director is a must.

Position Purpose: 

  • Reports Directly to: CEO - Managing Director of the group
  • Oversees: Employees and partners involved in development projects
  • Key role in project management. 
  • Responsible for the infrastructure planning of the project and for the coordination and supervision of all necessary activities to carry out the development project from start to finish. 
  • Ensures that all activities, at all stages, are carried out on time, on schedule and within the established budget, maintaining quality at a high level. 
  • In case the construction of the project is done by the company, will manage all subcontractors involved in the project.
  • Common Goals with Organization: Execution of the project based on a prepared budget and within predetermined schedules & Ensuring the Company's Competitive Advantage.

General Functions:

  • Project Management Development from start to finish
  • Ensures the smooth operation and organization of the project 
  • Project execution on schedule, budget and expected quality

Main Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Manage the project from the beginning to the delivery of the project
  • Prioritizes and coordinates project development activities according to the instructions of the Analysis department.
  • All actions and functions of the Technical Development Manager are controlled by the CEO of the group.
  • Daily communication with the CEO of the group and written monthly reporting on the actions and operations undertaken   
  • Maintain schedules and budgets
  • Handles project subcontractors and cooperation contracts 
  • Maintains good healthy relationships with customers, management, and all interested and involved parties
  • Solves problems, does not cause conflicts, and ensures healthy interpersonal relationships
  • In case the company will also have the construction part then the Technical Development Manager:
  • Selects, appoints and handles the Engineer and the Project Foreman 
  • Prepare a project schedule and budget 
  • Processes invoices and analyzes liquidity (Cash Flow analysis)
  • Be informed about the specifications of the project by the Commercial Director of Development and give a technical opinion
  • Be informed about the terms of customer agreement / contracts and fills in if something should be included in the technical part. 
  • Ensures Geological and Topographic Study
  • Search for Designers (Architect, Static, Electrician, Mechanical, Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), Surveyor)
  • Formulates the final cost and draws up a timetable for the implementation of the project.
  • Ensures cash flow for the needs of project completion
  • Proceeds with the execution of the project only after obtaining final approval from the Commercial Director of Development  
  • Takes care of the partial payments of the Customers 
  • Keep an electronic file with all relevant and necessary documents related to the project and are available in the system for checking and informing the CEO of the group.
  • Works closely and has constant contact with the architect of the project
  • Before the building permit, it requests the architectural and mechanical drawings of the project and checks them for technical optimization and cost savings (value engineering)
  • Ensures high quality supply at the best cost price
  • It implements cost reduction initiatives while maintaining quality and productivity.
  • Checks at all stages whether cost, quality and implementation time are complied with
  • Ensures and proves with photographic material that the project proceeds technically and qualitatively correctly and based on the drawings and technical specifications at all important stages of development, mainly regarding hidden works, such as hidden cables etc.
  • Supervise the project development team on a daily basis, coordinate people and processes and in collaboration with department heads,  ensure that the project is delivered within deadlines/timelines and budget
  • Hold regular meetings with all departments to ensure open communication and achieve expectations throughout the project
  • In case the company will undertake the construction of the project, must then appoint an engineer and a foreman for each project
  • Appoints a Procurement Engineer and proceeds to tenders and is responsible for evaluating and selecting designers such as: Surveyor, architect, mechanical engineer, static etc.
  • Identify the necessary resources and identify the right people with the required skills to carry out the project
  • Identifies potential risks and challenges and takes the necessary preventive actions to minimize risk
  • Use appropriate systems, tools and techniques to measure project performance 
  • Uses the appropriate materials for the best quality of the project, at the least cost
  • Be informed by the Commercial Director about customer requirements and Ensures their satisfaction
  • Make changes only when it has the written approval of Development's Commercial Director
  • Analyzes and solves problems in a timely manner
  • Effective problem management. It provides a solution to every problem without extending it  
  • Make effective use of the employees in his team. 
  • Accept new ideas and collaborate
  • Effectively manage resulting changes
  • Strict adherence to procedures and regulations
  • Implementation of legislation
  • Rewarded based on the Bonus and evaluation system, depending on the implementation time of the project, cost savings, quality and profit to the Company
  • Due to their location, working hours are shaped according to the needs of the project. Needs to work long enough to complete his tasks. 
  • Fulfills additional administrative responsibilities that may be assigned to it at any time by the CEO of the group.


  • Carry out the project at the lowest possible cost, adhering to schedules and maintaining quality
  • Anticipation of risks and immediate information for action
  • Full compliance with applicable laws, regulations and procedures, at all stages of project development.
  • Criminal or Financial Liability under the provisions of Cyprus Law for damage to the property and/or reputation of the company
  • Assumes full financial and legal responsibility for its actions
  • Acts in the interest of the Company
  • Confidentiality and protection of confidential information concerning the Company
  • Receives the necessary information for the best result in the execution of the project
  • To require the CEO of a Company to provide him with all the necessary resources and the required tools / supplies and / or equipment to carry out his work and achieve his goals
  • Ensuring reputation and Competitive Advantage of the Company


  • Implementation of Legislation 
  • A&Y Regulations 
  • Project execution procedures
  • Human Resources Department Procedures ( Disciplinary Code, Policies & Procedures, Manuals etc)
  • Group Board of Directors Procedures


  • Leadership Skills
  • Excellent Communication Skills and Conflict Avoidance
  • Team spirit
  • Effective time management and goal achievement
  • Excellent organizational skills 
  • Budget management skills
  • Initiative and responsibility for tasks
  • Effective prioritization
  • Data Analysis & Decision-Making Skills 
  • Reliability and Integrity

Required Qualifications:

  • University degree in Business Administration, or as a Civil Engineer or in a related field. 
  • Work experience in a similar position or other relevant role
  • Experience in project management and data analysis
  • Very good knowledge of MS Office and Software Systems e.g. SAP, JIRA, AutoCAD, Microsoft Project  
  • Excellent knowledge of Greek & English Language

To apply:

Please send your CV to StaffMatters at and mention that you are applying for the vacancy of Development Technical Director with reference number 2210.
Or you can apply directly through your candidate login by hitting the APPLY button.